Travis White - Director

(Electric / Acoustic / Classical / Ukulele/ Vocal/ DTM)

Playing music is not only about performance and technique. Music is for all level of students.

Music is something we can enjoy wholeheartedly for life.

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Graduated from Southern Cross University – Lismore, Australia. Guitar Major (Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Fusion). 

Travis began guitar at age 6. At age 14 after hearing Surfing With The Alien (Track 9 - Midnight) Travis decided to quit training to be an Olympic Swimmer and dedicate his life to his true love, guitar. 1 year later Travis was playing gigs in cover bands and emulating many of the greats whilst cutting his teeth to becoming a professional musician.


2017 FROM SURFING TO SHOCKWAVE TOUR - ASIA. Joe Satriani (Special thanks to Mick & Julia Brigden)

2016 January Australian Tour in support of an upcoming solo release. Produced by Mack Reinhold (QUEEN, ELO, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Extreme). Recorded at Peppertone Studios, Sydney Australia with Sean Rudd (Production, Engineer and VIBE CREATOR)

Allen Issaccs (Engineer). 


2010 Travis worked with Yuna Ito on a Promo (like MTV) release of Aerosmiths “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” Sony Records (Yuna Ito did a collaboration CD with Celion Dion and is one of Japan's multi million top selling Artists) Later in that year Travis found himself working with a legend of music and a new found mentor and friend. Mack Reinhold (Producer of QUEEN, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Black Sabbath, Extreme)


2009 found Travis working at one of Japan's top music University's. Senzoku College Of Music/ Music University. Travis was one of the main guitar lecturers and theory teachers. (Rock'n'Pops) 2009 also found Travis open his own guitar school which was highly sort after by pro guitarists as well as the absolute beginner.


2008 found Travis hooking up with long time friend Roy Wilders to finish what they had started with an 18 track demo being taken to Zurich, Switzerland. 10 tracks from the DEMO was made into an album that was promoted and toured in Japan with a limited press of 300 CDs.....with the aim of touring Europe and America. A LIVE DVD was also produced but is yet to be released.


In 2004 Travis moved to Japan and worked with Artists from Major Labels including King Records, Sony, Polygram, EMI etc. Highlights were guitar clinics with Mike Stern and Scott Henderson. Travis also formed the “Travis White Trio - TWT” that toured extensively throughout Japan.