Travis White - Director

(Electric / Acoustic / Classical / Ukulele/ Vocal/ DTM)

Playing music is not only about performance and technique. Music is for all level of students.

Music is something we can enjoy wholeheartedly for life.

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Graduated from Southern Cross University – Lismore, Australia. Guitar Major (Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Fusion). 

Travis began guitar at age 6. At age 14 after hearing Surfing With The Alien (Track 9 - Midnight) Travis decided to quit training to be an Olympic Swimmer and dedicate his life to his true love, guitar. 1 year later Travis was playing gigs in cover bands and emulating many of the greats whilst cutting his teeth to becoming a professional musician.


2017 FROM SURFING TO SHOCKWAVE TOUR - ASIA. Joe Satriani (Special thanks to Mick & Julia Brigden)

2016 January Australian Tour in support of an upcoming solo release. Produced by Mack Reinhold (QUEEN, ELO, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Extreme). Recorded at Peppertone Studios, Sydney Australia with Sean Rudd (Production, Engineer and VIBE CREATOR)

Allen Issaccs (Engineer). 


2010 Travis worked with Yuna Ito on a Promo (like MTV) release of Aerosmiths “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” Sony Records (Yuna Ito did a collaboration CD with Celion Dion and is one of Japan's multi million top selling Artists) Later in that year Travis found himself working with a legend of music and a new found mentor and friend. Mack Reinhold (Producer of QUEEN, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Black Sabbath, Extreme)


2009 found Travis working at one of Japan's top music University's. Senzoku College Of Music/ Music University. Travis was one of the main guitar lecturers and theory teachers. (Rock'n'Pops) 2009 also found Travis open his own guitar school which was highly sort after by pro guitarists as well as the absolute beginner.


2008 found Travis hooking up with long time friend Roy Wilders to finish what they had started with an 18 track demo being taken to Zurich, Switzerland. 10 tracks from the DEMO was made into an album that was promoted and toured in Japan with a limited press of 300 CDs.....with the aim of touring Europe and America. A LIVE DVD was also produced but is yet to be released.


In 2004 Travis moved to Japan and worked with Artists from Major Labels including King Records, Sony, Polygram, EMI etc. Highlights were guitar clinics with Mike Stern and Scott Henderson. Travis also formed the “Travis White Trio - TWT” that toured extensively throughout Japan.

Armin T. Linzbichler - DRUMS (English,Japanese,German)

Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Diploma in Professional Music

Music is a universal language. 

Practice makes perfect.



Professional experiences with major lable arists:
Recordings with: Juju (Pop), Yuzu (Pop), Superfly (Rock), Katoh Miliyah (R&B), Smap (Pop), Yui (Pop/Rock), Anri (Pop), Soul’d Out (HipHop), Jasmine (R&B),
Nakashima Mika (Pop), Honey L Days (Pop), Sunset Swish (Pop), Jyongri (Pop), m-flo (HipHop), Hirai Ken (Pop), Yanagi George (Blues), Sowelu (Pop), Yui (Rock), K (R&B), Okuda Miwako (Pop), News (Pop), Baba Toshihide (Pop/Rock) etc.

Live / tours with:Yazawa Eikichi (Rock), Superfly (Rock), AI (R&B/Hip Hop), Suzuki Masayuki (Pop), Crystal Kay (R&B), Sowelu (Pop), Ozaki Ami (AOR), Soul’d Out (HipHop), Beni (Pop/R&B), Misia (Pop), Exile (R&B), Koda Kumi (Pop), Juju (Pop), Boa (Pop), Bonnie Pink (Rock), Jayed (R&B) Sly Mongoose (Alternative), Utsunomiya Takashi (Rock), Hino ‘Jino’ Kenji (Jazz/Fusion), Toku (Jazz), Nakaji Hideaki (Latin), Toki Hidefumi (Fusion), Agatsuma Hiromitsu (tradit. Japanese), TAO (tradit.Japanese Taiko) etc.

Other professional experiences in music
Wrote English lyrics for: Kinki Kids (Pop), Imade Hiroshi (R&B/World), Birthday Suit (AOR), VoxIV (R&B), Ayado Chie (Jazz), akiko (Jazz),

Composed music for:‘The Crucible’ for Kurofune Productions

Shinichiro Ishikawa - BASS


Bass is an important part of an ensemble or just jamming with friends. At TMA you will learn various fundamentals from basic foundation studies to advanced level techniques. Let's learn while enjoying music !!




Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1980. Shin-ichiro spent his childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia where he gained valuable experience of living overseas. Started playing bass at age of 14 and started his music career. Lead his own band and toured Asia region. After the disbanded Shin-ichiro started session work.

Performed as a support member for; Seiko Ida, Nobuko Miyazaki, Mika Kamita, Travis White, Masanori “Cherry” Koyanagi, Funcassion. In 2009 performed as a supporting member for Dreams Come True 20th Anniversary event.

He is the true groove master supporting the backbone of the established band in Yokohama,“Scratch”.

In 2013 provided tour support for Achi (ex. Soulit), recording session with Joe Cohen (Soulive, Eddie Roberts West Coast), performed with Kervin Crane (drums -Funkadelic), Tony Guppy (Char band). Shin-ichiro kept a busy performing schedule in and out of Japan.

Also Shin-ichiro lead his own jazz unit, which features tap dancing. He is comfortable crossing over to different musical genre.

In spring of 2014, Shin-ichiro provided support for Achi, at the biggest festival event in US west coast, “Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival”. They also headlined the festival, as well as being the main act. They received commendation from the Consulate General for their achievement.

In summer of 2014 Shin-ichiro released his first leader album. Its recording musicians include; Joe Cohen (sax), Maurice Mile (drums - Times 4), Ryan Hickey (piano). The album also featured guest bass player Victor Little (Patti Austin, Booker T) and was recorded at Hyde Street Studio in San Francisco. Snapshot video of the recording was featured by Zoom Corporation. The album received very positive reviews.

Shin-ichiro performs more than 200 live shows per year. He has a strong reputation for driving, earth moving, overall fantastic groove feel.

Emi Takarada "Cheeta" - DRUMS


Through drums, I want to improve my skills as well as enjoy music, and I want to give lessons that will make my daily life more fulfilling.



Cheeta graduated from a professional training college in Japan. After graduating she started working with bands and doing session/support work as a drummer within the Japanese music industry.
From the beginning of 2004 until June of 2008 Cheeta was one of the main members of the “Nakanomori BAND” which released 4 Albums and 8 Singles on the Major Label, Imperial records.
After “Nakanomori BAND” finished Cheeta went back to session/support work and also began as a drum instructor. Cheeta has experience playing a wide variety of styles such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Blues R&B and Funk etc...
At start of 2009 Cheeta took up the position of Songwriter/Arranger with the band “SymmetrieZ” which she also sang whilst keeping the groove on drums.
Do not be deceived by her petite look.....Cheeta is a powerful drummer with a great groove, sensitive touch!! Her GROOVE SENSE is astonishing and should be heard!! Cheeta specialises in Rock, Pop and Funk!!

Ross McCallum - Cajon

Music can connect you with people all around the world and be the basis of amazing friendships.

The community you join when you start playing music with other people is special and lasts forever.
Music can connect people around the world and is the foundation of great friendship.
The community you join when you start doing music with others is special and lasts forever.


Ross McCallum-Cajon Groove Guide
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I discovered soul music when I was 19 years old.

Keyboard players include EXILE, 3rd generation J Soul Brothers, Amuro Namie, MIHIRO, Full Of Harmony, BENI, BREATHE, AI, DA PUMP, SKOOP ON SOMEBODY, mcAT, Shiina Hikiru, Yonekura Toshinori, A-MEI (Taiwan), Kobayashi Kax (Sax) Participate in live and recording as Support Musician of many other artists.

In 1993, Composer and Arranger formed the HIPHOP, R & B production unit “MASTERS OF FUNK” as an American vocalist, former KRYSTOL ROBBIE DANZIE solo album, and a UK woman.

In charge of Compose and Arrange for solo albums by vocalist SONYA (former SOUL II SOUL), for albums in the name of MASTERS OF FUNK, “KOOL LIKE OTIS” (Honda Accord CM song) was hit. In recent years, in addition to providing music to EXILE etc., in concert tours such as BENI, BREATHE, MIHIRO, Full Of Harmony etc. in charge of live arrangement as a musical director, Kaori Kobayashi's album also participates in track production and arrangement .

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