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Travis White - Director 

Discipline / Patience / Understand / Support / Nurture

Great musicians are great communicators and this is a crucial point in the success of any musician or any profession for that matter.

Being a great player is not enough. Being able to communicate as a person in general society is an important mission for us at TMA. I know many great (genius) musicians that are terrible communicators which makes them totally inaccessible and greatly limits there success or potential of in the music industry.

Here at TMA we wish to cultivate a respect for each other through music and to contribute to society and the bettering of our community through music and charity endeavours.

Music is a birth right and all people of any level and ability should have access to the highest standards of music education.

Here at TMA you will be given nothing but the best in music education which will aim to surpass or exceed all of your expectations.

Hope to see you soon.....the eternal guitar student.....

Travis Music Academy CEO
Travis White