Travis Music Academy Director

Graduated from Southern Cross University – Guitar Major (Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Fusion) Lived in Japan for almost 20 years and fluent in the language.......


TMA female student playing BB KING The Thrill Is Gone

At TMA you can record lessons for homework and review at your own pace.

Learn to play guitar the easy way and have FUN!!

50%OFF Student Plan

Student discounts for Blue Note Tokyo, Cotton Club, and Motion Blue Yokohama “Student Plan”.

Special offer: Music charge 50% OFF (unreserved seat)
Target audience: Students who are 18 years of age or older and are currently enrolled in vocational schools, junior colleges, universities, and graduate schools

Blue Note Student Plan Travis Music Academy
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In addition to local lessons, Skype lessons are also offered, so taking the lessons at the end of your home work is very helpful. While taking musical lessons, there were foreigners and Japanese teachers, and I was able to learn English. I take lessons from foreign teachers, but it is unique and very fun every time.

Isobu Hirofumi

I am very pleased with the unreasonable demand to increase the number of guitar drawers of the original band. Band members can say they made a mistake after being instructed here.


Learn guitar and English together from an Australian music lover and kind teacher. There are also regular presentations and friendships with other students.


Go I have had a guitar blank for over 10 years but was able to restart here. You can relearn the basics and remove tricks that are preventing you from progressing. Since the lesson is booked every time, you can adjust the number of times, date and time. Recommendation!


I had never played music until I became an adult, but I entered the Travis Music Academy in the hope that my friends would play cool.
Three years have passed and I'll give you 5 stars! The reason is

1. Even if it rains near Gotanda Station, I don't mind.
2. Lesson time can be selected according to the situation, so it can be compatible with work.
3. Lend a musical instrument so that you can go by hand on weekdays.
4. Tuition is affordable.
5. One-to-one support to help you create the song you want. Thanks to that, I was able to live!
Now I am invited by the band to practice guitar, practice lyrics and composition, sing songs, play drums and perform solos. I hope more friends can participate in TMA sessions!